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The Oldest Getting To Know Us

Heylooooo Sibs and Ancs 🙂

So I have a new idea I am beginning to put some effort into.

Its basically the idea to make some art headers for things like “Comment Please” “Join Us On Social Media Please” and similar “Grabs”.

Today I noticed a great area we could grow in is gaining more comments here on the WLTOP website, and that is what led me to start making a Grab collection.

The first piece of art is made for that, and I will show it below, I plan to occasionally leave these Grabs on WLTOP posts and maybe other content, to try and stimulate participation.

Here is the first of this new Grab collection.

The Oldest Parents know us, their descendants based upon what they see and hear us do.

I expect they also have a preconsidered belief that we are similar to them.

To help them get to know us more, gaining comments here on WLTOP that they will surely see and hear, helps us build friendships with them at an improved rate.

I will also try and join in with siblings and be supportive, trying to reply to comments, as a style of cheerleader and friend.

So how do you like this new “Please comment” Grab?

This question is a great chance for siblings (Yes you) to leave a comment, and have the Oldest Parents notice our efforts.

Exciting possibilities, us together as brothers and sisters sharing our support to our Oldest Ancestors.

❤ Please Comment Below Brother or Sister ❤

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