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Abba Is A Name

Its Jesus time on WLTOP family ❤

Because I myself have focused a lot on Christianity and Judaism in my life here in America, with WLTOP over our 3 years, I have tried to broaden out and add much content of many different religions.

But today we are focusing on Jesus and his friendship with one of the Oldest Known Ancestors whom he calls “Abba”.

I made some art, and it is already on our Deviant Art profile, I will be making more of it and if this one seems too simple to you, I suggest, I did make its style a bit fit for young family members to use, I will be adding more We Love and Worship Abba art in the future with a bit more refined artistic style.

Here it is click to enlarge.

Do you like it?

As you can see the art style is a bit of a church youth group approach, I myself know this because for many years of my life I occasionally attended and learned from church youth groups.

I have a open night schedule tonight and coffee in the pantry, so, to you Christianity friends, I may possibly get another art of this done tonight, in a little different style with the same We Love and Worship Abba phrase.

Happy Valentines Month, Happy Black Pride Month, and Happy Welcome to Being a Part of WLTOP.

❤ Abba, Baba, Aabb, What Rhymes With Abe? ❤

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