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Getting To Know Abba

Oldest are some boldest and us younger have some funners ❤

Hi family, I mentioned in the last post I would try and make some new abba art later today/tonight and I got some of it done in between my playing of MU Online.

I have 3 pieces of art that have already been added to our Deviant Art profile for future use, and you can view them below click to enlarge.

I am pretty impressed with how it turned out, and this is mostly thanks to other people such as,, and microsoft bings translator.

Well family, lots of love to you and especially Abba, I am going to get some coffee and possibly make you and Abba some more art tonight.

In between my playing of MU Online of course 🙂

In the game I farm jewels and coins and donate them to new players, no worries, I keep enough for myself to progress, the stronger my character becomes the more I have left over to donate.

Have a good night family, please visit WLTOP again, and if you feel comfortable, comment.

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