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Oldest Parents Karma Prayer (Certificate)

Siblings, ancs, and emoji bonks šŸ™‚

How is your day today?

Being here on WLTOP I hope it’s a good one.

Yesterday I was playing Mu Online and helping a new player get some jewels, and he then later helped me with a event entry item.

His response when helping me was that his help was a form of “Karma”.

Knowing a little about Karma and enjoying my new friendship with him I was inspired to bring it to WLTOP.

So presenting to you WLTOP members, the Oldest Parents Family Quality Karma Prayer Certificate. Click to enlarge. It is stored on our Deviant Art for future use.

Karma is a balance of good rewarding love and evil rewarding revenge.

Because Karma could possibly in some situations be a loop and a sink hole of unescapable tragedy, due to a person being hated and wanting to escape that cycle, we now have this prayer to our Oldest to help align our future Karma to a good family quality.

No one enjoys being hated, everyone enjoys love fit for them.

I hope you enjoy this new certificate, along with it in our WLTOP menu I added a new link in the Art section that will take you to the Deviant Art gallery folder specifically for all WLTOP certificates, old and new will be there.

We still want more comments guys ā¤

ā¤ Love You A Lot Family, And So Do The Oldest ā¤

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