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The WLTOP Kaleidoscope Art Style (Update)

Valentines Day Tommorrow Sibs and Ancs ❤

Well I plan to give some gift art tomorrow for the whole family, and 1 for my personal valentines, so please join us here at WLTOP tomorrow, and for today I have a friendly update.

In an effort to share what I call the WLTOP Kaleidoscope Art Style with fans of artwork and religious topics (Such as our LORD ancestor), I a while ago made a tutorial guide on how the art work is made (Decoded even).

Over years long amounts of time of occasionally doing a piece, and some of them being simple wall papers for PC and some Mobile, with the others containing seperated art work inside of the kaleidoscope that I compiled and have shared with WLTOP fans over the years I am now happy to announce, I took the best or at least most visible of the artworks made from the Kaleidoscope technique and fit them into a Deviant Art gallery made for the best of the best (Of the ones I have made).

In our menu for a while it has sat the tutorial for making these yourself, and you can still find it under the “Referrals” section of our menu. I will even post a link below to it for easiness upon you.

Click Here For The DIY Tutorial

But if you are more currently in a time when you simply want to see the finished result, and what the art style generates, you can use the new Deviant Art folder to see the “Zoom ins” of the kaleidoscopes that I made for examples to viewers and anyone who wants to try and become skilled at making them.

Here below is a link to the new Deviant Art gallery containing the kaleidoscope zoom ins of art work featuring characters such as our ancestor the LORD.

Click Here To View The New Gallery

If you want to find what we have available, it is there, and future art will be added to it as updates.

If you want a quick link to it while viewing the WLTOP website for easy access, in the menu under the Art section is the link “Kaleidoscope Art” which will take you to the new Deviant Art gallery.

Well this is our day before Valentines Day gift to the family, the Oldest Parents love us.

Along side the few quality zoom ins in the new gallery is the WLTOP angel logo and its materials, it explains a bit how writing “Happy Parents Day” and drawing a heart, with different colored scribbles was origami’d into the WLTOP Angel Logo.

Aside from that set, there is another scribble material art, that then shows the finished result.

So that includes there are 2 materials example sets, and then also tens of finished results you can browse.

It is pretty amazing that writing “Happy Parents Day” can be puzzled around a little and it becomes a picture of an angel.

Remember tomorrows Valentines Day, so if your single, wish the Oldest Parents a Happy Valentines Day, its less lonely that way.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You, And Wont Neglect Your Prosperous Future ❤

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