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Valentines Day For Family 2023

Happy Valentines Day We Love The Oldest Parents ❤

This Valentines Day, my gift art for the family is a little simple of a style.

It is featuring the newly found canva sticker of a guy who looks a little as if hes dressed to be a monk.

I decided to use this sticker in my effort to tell you how much I love our family, and that means you.

I want to share two pieces of art, one for everybody, and one involving my monk pursuit.

Starting with yours everybody, here is the Happy Valentines Day WLTOP 2023.

There is the sticker I was talking about, of all the stickers on I viewed when putting together the art, he looks the closest to being a nice WLTOP helper for this art.

So just how will each family member always have a best friend?

Well heck, we have got at least 2 best friends always, our 2 Oldest Parents loved us enough to welcome us into life and give us a share of their massive treasures of wealth in this great home that is their kingdom.

Having a Creator as a best friend is pretty high quality their siblings, you all are rich as princes can be 🙂

Okay just to put a little effort into my own personal effort of my Monk of the Oldest Parents desire, mostly for the Oldest Parents to see, I am going to submit my Monk Valentines Day Art, here it is.

Now to note, this art is not meant to exploit greed, however in marriage as we know, two loving people, prefer to share a amount of things with each other that they neglect others, as is the way marriage was invented.

Well thats our WLTOP Valentines Day siblings and ancestors, I will keep it short so you can get back to all your Valentines Day goodness.

We still need comments 🙂

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