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Deviant Art Donation To Oldest Parents

Wow family, I have got exciting Valentines Month News ❤

Last night, right before I went to sleep, someone donated a whole month of premium account (Core) to our WLTOP Deviant Art account.

I dont know exactly how gifting the premium works, I know premium costs money, but did they spend money on WLTOP or have some kind of Deviant Art useable item in store that they used, I couldn’t tell from the notification we received.

Deviant Arts Core membership offers many artistic features, but my favorite is to change our profile theme, have a look and notice the background, it is a premium core only feature.

Along with this gift to our Oldest Parents Art Worship account, the premium membership came with over 100 badge fragments, I awarded 25 valentines’ badges to other artists using them and that earned the WLTOP Deviant Art profile the Valentines 2023 Badge, which as I mentioned earlier this month, seemed to be only possible to obtain with premium 🙂

So, for a month WLTOP will be in extra style on Deviant Art, very exciting and a great gift.

To whoever found it in their heart to support our effort, and the Oldest Parents, you are truly a good friend to them, and to us.

❤ Have A Great Day Family, Oldest Parents Love Us ❤

Because of this siblings great love to have donated to WLTOP, I added a new category to our sorter, WLTOP Donations, we can use it for any gifts or donations we receive such as this Core membership on Deviant Art.

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