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MU Online Oldest Raffle

Sibs and Ancs hello and happy month we have been having ❤

Today I was feeling a bit like I wanted to do something nice, and have been playing MU Online on the Arcadia server as a Rage Knight (Monk Style Class) with my Creation Chosen Name “Aluzen”.

I was participating in the Moon Rabbit event and gained some jewels, which I used to buy some hp regen accessories.

I had a jewel of soul left over after getting the pendant and 2 rings I needed so I decided to give the jewel away so a family member could buy something they needed.

I quickly did a WLTOP raffle, and it quickly succeeded.
(UPDATE: Did a 2nd round of the raffle giving 3 Million Zenny coins to a 2nd participant)

As with the previous raffles we have done, the participation was for the first responder(s) to say “We Love The Oldest Parents” win the prize(s).

A Elf Archer responded and we met in the games town to do a trade, I was also able to donate a pendant to them, a bow, and 5 Jewels of Chaos.

Jewels can be used to craft equipment, upgrade them, and even be used in trades to buy things.

For 1 Jewel of Soul it is possible to score a pretty good weapon or piece of armor on the games auction house.

I am happily enjoying playing MU Online on the Arcadia server, and I plan to do more WLTOP Raffles on it in our future, when I have enough extra Jewels for prizes.

You are invited to come play with me (Us). Here is a link to the games website.

Click Here To Go To The MU Online Webzen Website

If you play, message my character “Aluzen” or leave me a comment here on WLTOP to meet with you and I will try to donate help to you, and possibly we can even team together to combat some enemies.

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