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MU Online Oldest Raffle 2

Hi family 🙂

Short post this time about continuing our raffle.

As I mentioned in my last post we did a MU Online raffle on the Arcadia server.

I did another one tonight with 2 participants.

It was in the same style.

The first people to say We Love The Oldest Parents won prizes.

I donated in total 6 Million Zenny coins and a Jewel Of Soul.

I am planning to continue doing more MU Online raffles on the Arcadia server and hope to have even bigger amounts of prizes to donate.

Click Here To Look At MU Online

❤ Oldest Parents Raffles Have Been A Success ❤

My character’s name is Aluzen, he is a Rage Fighter (Monk Style Class) Level 128.
Feel free to find me here or there if you need help, wanna play together, or join our guild called Golem.

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