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The Thank You And Oldest (Raffle)

Mellow hello, greetings this meetings 🙂

Hi viewers I mentioned in our last blog post I was going to do a raffle tonight as a thank you for Word Press and Tumblr in the situation of our Tumblr widget getting fixed.

So to say thank you again here, we really mean it, and because we love the Oldest Parents so much, and what Word Press and Tumblr do for them, we donated a total of 9 Million Zenny (Money) and 30 Jewels of Chaos to MU Online players.

We split it into 3 players, each gaining 3 Million Zenny and 10 Jewels of Chaos.

The raffle was done as our others, each player won the prize(s) by saying in chat “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

Each of these raffles we do helps bring descendants closer friendship with their Oldest Ancestors, in many groups also, Local, Not Local, Known, and possibly even Unknown.

Word Press and Tumblr supporting the efforts of WLTOP with their widget and other services makes us feel good about our group and it cheers us on enough to have the passion to do a good amount of love to others.

Do you know what MU Online is? If not a little info, it is a massively multiplayer online role playing game and it has been very popular and high quality since its release, many years ago, and still being updated often with new content, balancing, and events.

Click Here To Go To The MU Online Website

For future reference, as I am planning to do more of these Raffles in MU Online, the server I do them on is called Arcadia, and my characters name is “Aluzen”, message me in game if you want.

Oldest Parents I would like to give a few words here based upon the progress of WLTOP growth and success.

Your family is loving, your family is improvement, us descendants getting together here, and in events such as these raffles, has been a huge success, and I say thank you very much, and please consider all your WLTOP particpants to love you very much.

Well thats the raffle guys, even if your not one of the 3 who participated I hope you find something with WLTOP you enjoy, or even are pleased that good deeds are being done.

❤ I Want To Make Some Art Later, I Dont Currently Know Of What ❤

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