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Oldest Parents Worship Art

Coffee is an amazing thing, but not as much as our Oldest ❤

I am having a late night tonight, waiting for a MU Online update happening with server maintenance, and I thought how about doing something while I wait.

So presenting to you, some new We Love The Oldest Parents worship art, directed as words instead of names.

The story of God and his son Adam, leaves long empty that it at least in recent edits, lists certain animals to be made earlier than Adam, and it does not list the name or description of God’s first Creation, and in that story would be his marital partner.

So for believers in the Bible, a lot of the story is missing.

Later in the Bible, it mentions a queen of heaven, but we do know our Oldest Parent to be married, however the Book of El as it was originally known, and now titled the “Bible” has been translated and edited many times, that it is easy to notice even the commandments listed in it have not remained the same.

But of the commandments, what can we salvage the originality of?

Honor thy parents, do not kill, do not steal, and worship the Oldest.

While even my writing there could possibly be improved, those are some basics of what our Creator himself intended to be our “Good” life as descendants in a share of what in the past was only his home.

I hope you enjoy this new art, more will be made using the words Oldest Parents, and this ones description adding the keyword “Unknown” Oldest Parents as a potential is a bit of a favorite tactic of mine, because though our Oldest Known Parent has not yet found anyone higher age, I believe a bit fantasy, that if he ever does, it will make him happy.

Have a great night family, I will drink some more coffee to see the new MU Online update and set it to start looting more raffle prizes.

❤ We Love and Worship Our Oldest Parents ❤

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