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Another Raffle

Hello and how do you do? 🙂

Tonights raffle was small but valuable, in a “Fun” kind of style.

I only had one prize to give out, it was a Jewel Of Bless, those are worth about 3-8 Jewels of Soul.

Surprisingly we did the raffle like normal, first person to say We Love The Oldest Parents in chat got the prize.

However what is funny is, I typed the offer in a server chat, and the first person to participate, was my guild member (Guild Golem).

So that was nice, someone else wanted the jewel but I only had one so I told him to try to join other days we do them.

As with the last few of these raffles we have been doing them in MU Online on the Webzen Arcadia server.

If you wanna play with us, my main characters name is “Aluzen” you can send him mail in game, for me to find you, and you can join our guild, maybe I can donate some items or party with you.

Well guys, I had fun tonight with this, on our server is hundreds of players, our guild member to have been first was exciting.

Have a great night Oldest Parents, and Siblings.

Click Here To Go To The Webzen MU Online Website

Jewels of Bless and Jewels of Soul are used to upgrade a piece of equipments level, increasing things like damage it does or armor it provides. They are very valuable and can be traded and used to purchase equipment, a single Jewel of Bless has been possible to purchase four pieces of high level gear. They can also be used to craft wings or capes, which provide a high percent of damage reduction and damage increase.

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