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New Oldest Parents Certificate

Hello family ❤

Two new things to share.

I made a Oldest Parents accept our apologies certificate which is kind of a anti-sin prayer.

Secondly I have fashioned a gallery on Deviant Art to show anyone or everyone available to it, the certificates of WLTOP which I myself have signed to encourage you to not feel any embarassment of attempting one yourself alone.

In other words, I signed one first as we could call it, so that if you sign one, its not alone, which is a great thing.

Here let me show you the new certificate and I will post it signed by me, for me, and also to give you courage to sign it or our others, yourself. Click to enlarge.

Need more proof for your courage? Below is a link to the other WLTOP certificates I signed, and decided to share their viewing to help others feel less alone.

Click Here To Go To The Certificates Signed By Me

Now that link is helpful, how about another, the below link will take you to the gallery with all the WLTOP certificates having no signature on it yet other than the words, and you can use them for yourself.

Click Here For All The WLTOP Certificates

I just did this a few minutes ago, I will be proof checking these things because I noticed I may possibly have missed one or two, after this, I will go fix that.

I hope you enjoy the new certificate, and the others.

Lots of love to you siblings and ancestors, I hope to do more raffles soon.

❤ Oldest Parents Certificates Are Way Cool,
Your Best Friends Love Them,
Which Ones?
The Oldest Parents 🙂 ❤

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