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Our Father The LORD Has Feelings

Hi family ❤

After having studied the Bible and Tanakh most of my life here in the USA, I found a verse I considered a lot, and tonight I want to share it with you.

It is based upon both the LORDs emotions and his belief about justice including punishment, that is, based upon commandments or laws.

Exodus 20 lists quite a bit of laws and punishments.

But originally in ancient family practice the Oldest had rules for the descendants and recently they have become known as the commandments.

Were they originally 10? No, and the current 10 have been editted.

Now aside from if our LORD is our Oldest locally or even more than locally, let’s talk about his feelings of how law should be practiced.

With Exodus 20:5 being picked apart and studied, we find evidence of something.

The old “An eye for an eye” and a “Tooth for a tooth” makes it possible for innocence to be taken advantage of.

For example, in Genesis it says do not hate, but someone who does hate, could drag down himself and the person he hates equally.

That is why with Exodus 20:5 the LORD uses himself as an example of innocence.

He states that the LORD is innocent, and if someone hates him, he punishes back 3-4 times (4 times as most, we estimate is literally accurate).

What we have had happen in our freedoms and laws has changed much since our past.

Our Oldest Parents have structured younger descendants to pass judgement upon family, but the good part of that, is they have the LORD to learn from.

In law and commandments, I offer two important teachings to share, that the LORD shared with us, and I want to share. here with WLTOP.

The LORD commanded something called “The LORDs Release” which means after 8 years have passed a person is no longer legally bound to a law’s direct implication, such as money debt, or punishment even.

Based upon that we know the LORD doesn’t actually hate descendants of a sinner, he is simply saying if someone commits sin, it can be punished at maximum 4 times as bad as what was done, and for no longer than 8 years.

His explanation of this was inserted into the edited 10 commandments, they have been translated over the years, and our Oldest did not originally have as many laws, it was only the basics.

With recent practice of law in the Oldests kingdom, this explanation could be very helpful to the descendants who want to obey our ancestors.

Due to these thoughts coming to me tonight, and lovingly noticing the great title I picked for this post, I want to make a page here on WLTOP about this topic.

I don’t know yet completely how to make a simplified version of it because it is both important and could be explained in long version.

I know for family’s sake, the best way to share it is in short version and simple.

We already have a 10 commandments page, and I am considering making a merge of that, with the LORDs release topic and the 4 times punishment maximum topic.

The LORD is our ancestor, our Father, and we know he has feelings, both of Love, and proper quality, because of that, and being a fan club including him, tonight I will be trying to organize a page to fit these 3 things onto a page.

Maybe we can find some kind of stylish title for the page, “Ancestral Law”?

Please feel free to comment below on any opinions and ideas you have, also upon the above title idea.

I hope to fashion a nice and educational page supporting our LORDs wants for us as a form of obedience to our Oldest.

So family, did you while reading the bible notice this?

The mention that the furthest the LORD will punish is 4 times worse than the sin?

❤ I Will Post Again When I Finish The Page In Quality ❤

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