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The New “Ancestral Law” Page (Update)

Hello sibs and ancs 🙂

So as with my last post and the desire to condense some pages, also to add the topics talked about in that post to a new page, I did it, it is done, and it looks awesome 🙂

On our new Ancestral Law page you can find “The Maximum Penalty For Sin”, “The LORDs Release”, “The Simplified Commandments Of The Oldest”, and “The Exodus Offering To Our LORD”.

These 4 topics of law are important, were suggested by our LORD himself even as recorded in his religious books such as the bible, and on the page you will find them explained in short, yet accurate detail.

So go have a look friends, it is in the WLTOP menu.

It is possible you will notice a few of the other pages gone, mostly because of merging.

Trying to keep things easy for mobile phone users to access our site, the longer the menu, the more difficult it is for them, so condensing will happen occasionally.

❤ Have a great night family, love you lots, so do our Oldest ❤

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