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We Named Our Son “David” (Art Set)

Hi family, siblings, ancestors, Oldest, LORD ā¤

I am getting ready to fall asleep, and I was looking through what WLTOP has achieved in 3 years.

I was a bit thinking about my direct family.

We come from a situation of more than 1 of us sharing the name David.

I even named a son or so of mine “David”.

I am not sure if you saw my author tag in any of my posts but my name is “David Robert Quigley” as my given birth name.

I have mentioned more than one time here at WLTOP I have been searching for a Bible verse that has been a bit lost in my findings recently.

The verse said “My servant David is always blessed”.

Unable to recently find it on google.

I found a similar verse and made a art set for it, which was placed on our Deviant Art and I am going to share here on WLTOP.

It is cartoons of the LORD with the servant David Bible verse.

So if your name is David, I hope this cheers you up and cheers you on a little bit.

Have a good night, I will enjoy a bit more my italian corn before sleep šŸ™‚

ā¤ I got my handsome from the LORD ā¤

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