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More MU Online Raffles

Gooooood Morning everyone ❤

I awoke from a nap and found that in MU Online, my afk training had looted a valuable Jewel of Soul.

I have donated quite a few of my valuables recently so I decided to peek at the auction house to see if I could afford a upgrade.

The Gladiator’s Pentagram tool that I needed wasnt currently available so I decided why not do a raffle.

We did the raffle as usual, first person(s) to say “We Love The Oldest Parents” in chat got the prize.

We had 3 participants, the first two recieved a prize and the 3rd took a pay it forward rain check, saying to donate something to a new player later.

The first participant got the Jewel of Soul and 5 Million Zenny.

The second participant got a Jewel of Chaos and 3 Million Zenny.

With the 3rd I will be trying to donate some help to a new player, thanks to this participants request.

All in all a good morning.

So thank you Oldest, thank you Siblings, and thank you participants.

We play MU Online on the Arcadia server of the Webzen company.

If you wanna come play with us, feel free, we even have a guild called “Golem” that you can join, we would love to help you start and progress.

Click Here To Go To The MU Online Website

I plan to do more raffles and give away many prizes depending on how many I receive and can share, a part of it will be I need to use a few to get stronger, because as my character is stronger, I can gain prizes faster, and sometimes higher quality.

To find me and play with us, leave a comment here, or mail my character in game on the Arcadia server, his name is “Aluzen”.

❤ Have A Great Day Family, The Oldest Love You, Yes You ❤

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