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Trust For The Oldest Oldest For Us

Hi family, a great idea for a topic just dawned on me tonight ❤

The idea popped into my head from memory of my last interaction with a staff of a helpful place.

We were talking about a procedure for my health, and she seemed a bit nervous, so I wanted to cheer her up and cheer her on.

I used something I was taught by our LORD and his books.

A phrase based upon everything involving his religion.

Want to hear it?

I told my friend doing the procedure “I Trust You” 🙂

These three words are short, simple, and mean everything to the Oldest, and us.

What would you give to hear the words “I Trust You” from the Oldest Parents?

I would donate my loyalty to them eternally, even if they ever do find unknown family and I also like those new additions to our all family.

So whats your opinion?

Have you ever been told “I Trust You” and it made you feel more comfortable during a full day and night?

Did it make loving family easier?

I believe those things are what I have felt when I heard those words, and estimatingly, when I said those words to cheer up siblings (and Ancestors) it definitely seemed to warm their happiness to a smile.

So we do the WLTOP effort as a team, maybe we will gain the kindness of our Oldest telling us those words in our future, hearing from them “I Trust You”.

Now in addition a short prayer.

This one to our LORD.

Dear LORD,

Considering you as a favorite of fathers as a role model, for myself, and many or all of my friends, wanting to hear “I Trust You” from you is kind of like a young me asking for his Father to buy him a candy bar.

As goofy as that sounds, it sums the excitement and hope involved.

Now with submitting to you that having your trust is important for us descendants, I will offer it as a friendly note.

LORD I Trust You.

Not because of wealth, not because of popularity, but because I believe you are a Father that loves his descendants, even when not showing it plainly, hints be found, and instincts give sight, that you were meant to be one of the best Fathers, and it was meant to be that way, because you made that decision, and refused to quit.


With that prayer dear siblings, I give you the WLTOP “We Trust You” suggestion.

To be a part of WLTOP, and as siblings in friendship.

I hope it causes you love.

I am going back to video games now to try and farm raffle prizes, I wish for a future, you hear the Oldest tell you, they trust you.

❤ We Trust You Oldest Parents ❤

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