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New LORD Art Set (God(e))

Hi family ❤

Looking through pasts versions of the bible, and its previous religions such as Judaism and Canaanism, I decided to jump back forward on this art set and make a Holy Christianity Art Set.
(Including a touch of ancient language translation).

As you possibly previously heard on the WLTOP blog or saw in the menu, God translated from Hebrew into English, could possibly be closer as Gode.

Read more about it using the page in our menu titled “Gode and El” found in the worship menu.

Here is the new art, it is sized for PC Background and print out for wall.

These are 3 pieces of art I made of the LORD using the WLTOP Kaleidoscope art style technique.

If you have never seen our Father ancestor other than the WLTOP pictures, I like to call it because he is so smart 😀 he has a slightly larger than our own upper skull.

That is as you can see in the fan art of him.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to suggest, I got a lot of my handsome from him as our ancestor.

I will offer our Oldest Parents a prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

This new art, and a few previous ones I have offered, are art that I want to be successful, help cheer up family, and gain popularity.

Please do what you can to assist, and I appreciate that you promised us prosperity and blessings.

Thank you, and eternal love.

Well family, if you never had seen him, print it out and stick his handsomeness in your bible, tanakh, or other religious book, and enjoy that WLTOP was thinking of this for you.

We wish him and each other the best.

❤ Grande Handsome Family ❤

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