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Request Prayer To The Oldest

Hi family ❤

The Oldest had written of their descendants (Us) that they wanted us to have prosperity and blessings.

To enjoy that peace, for our family, including myself, I decided to make a prayer about it tonight.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Thank you for allowing us to have our We Love The Oldest Parents fan club.

Thank you for the peace.

Thank you for the prosperity.

Thank you for the blessings.

Also, as we are emotional family members, thank you for the love and fun.

We descendants love you eternally, each and every one of us, truly.


This Card above is a part of the WLTOP Ancestry parody trading card set I started, it has a few pokemon cards and a few yugioh cards in it.

You can find the link to it in our menu.

I felt it was a fun way to add art to this post.

I wish you all a good day and thank you for listening.

❤ If We Pray For Each Other, We Support Each Other ❤

I want to do more raffles probably this month, currently my character in MU Online has a need for Jewels of Bless so it will be a short while until I have extra.

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