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Ancestral Law Page In A Post

(This information can be found in our menu called “Ancestral Law”. It came to me that it could be helpful to share it in this post for easier access. I dont want to overcomplicate the page, but things similar to the exodus offering part will possibly be added)

Ancestral Law

The Maximum Penalty For Sin

Exodus 20 explains in detail that for someone to commit sin against an innocent is punishable to a maximum of 4 times worse than the sin committed.

In Exodus 20 he uses himself as an example, he says if a man hates him the LORD he punishes 4 times of it.

The LORDs description here is meant to explain in detail how law should be limited.

An example, if someone sends an innocent man into $100 of debt, the maximum the person who caused the debt can be forced to pay back is $400.

Another example, if an innocent man is sentenced to 100 days in jail, the person who committed the error, could be forced to spend 400 days in jail.

4 times is the maximum, not a minimum, the minimum begins at nothing.

The LORDs Release

Deuteronomy 15 explains the LORDs release, which further limits the “Maximum Penalty For Sin”.

The LORDs Release explains no one can be legally bound for more than 7 years (Ending of 7 Years, Start of 8).

This means even if someone jails an innocent man for 7 years, the man who committed the error cannot be punished at 4 times the 7 years.

Our Oldest Parents Laws

The 3 Do Nots.

Do not murder.

Do not steal.

Do not fornicate.

Other Important Parts Of Their Teachings

Honor Thy Parents (This includes things such as being honest)

Freedom To Worship (Religion)

Love Thy Family (Similar to Do Not Hate)

Offering To The LORD

Exodus 30:14 is a written record that he requires each of his descendants to offer him a gift at age 20 or older.

Notes: That is the info on our new “Ancestral Law” page. I am glad to share it with you and the laws come from our LORD himself, as you see, with the verses listed, that he placed them with, in shorter words found in his bible, tanakh, etc.

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