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Prayer To The Oldest For Family Safety

Hi Siblings and Ancestors ❤

I made a prayer earlier today and I am going to make a second one, to our Oldest Parents.

Now for us descendants, the LORD is our friend and family, our Oldest Parents teach us that they are our friends and they love their family and we are given safety by them in many blessings and religious promises, even their commandments.

So because some of my friends are stressed, and me being a helper, I will ask the Oldest to notice the safety of their family, and grant proper quality of life to us.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Our brothers and sisters, your descendants have been through a lot of difficulty these last few years.

The commandments are important and so are any laws you agree upon to be a part of your kingdom.

Having myself become a friend to many of the siblings I have met, I have constantly worried for them and tried to protect them and even myself through my living in your family.

Please knowing that I tried to place effort with you, also give us quality of these things from you to your descendants.

I noticed a lot of the people I love stressed and thats why I am asking you.

Also, we appreciate you for being our friends, dont stop, and thanks.

Well family, that is for us to hopefully gain some improvements from.

Thinking about how heroic the two Oldest Parents are is a lot of fun, admittedly, all my life has had fun to most of the moments, recently, making this prayer is fun.

Hoping to do more WLTOP raffles soon.

❤ Old Is 3 letters,
its quite the coincidence,
in text,
its the largest symbol to form the heart emoji ❤

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