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Sneak Peak At Offering To Oldest Parents

Hi family ❤

In exodus of the bible and tanakh our Lord requires a offering from everyone at either age 20 or older.

I made him a short ebook called “My Exodus Offering”, it is a few pages long and talks about some of his favorite topics.

I have been considering making another one, but its not as if he requires many offerings listed in the bible and tanakh 🙂

So I did not know what to do with it, but how about just for safety measures, to make sure any unknown and possibly other known parents get an “Oldest Parents Offering” I want to make a second short book called “Our Oldest Parents Offering”.

I will give you a sneak peak below. The book is intended to be factual as “My Exodus Offering” and is based upon the favorite topics of our Oldest Parents.

Our Oldest Parents Offering (Ebook)

Our Oldest Known Parent began life in space, and inside of it he found matter, he discovered it to have originated from space sides that were on fire, still burning since long ago, the area our Oldest lived in was hollow.

He retrieved from the barrier of his home, many pieces of matter and formed earth and heaven.

The things he found he used and invented with.

Later he created more life and became a hero.

He made Earth and it was a flat square, with borders that prevented his descendants from falling off it.

The family lived on the bottom of the planet as things fall in this space if you do not fly, the planet slowly floated down but the lives of the family were less heavy and because of that stuck to the planet.

With the family on the planet, and heaven below them, earth above, connected at their feet, they thrived with the Oldests help.

With their planet slowly descending towards the wall of space still dissolving, what would they do?

This book offering for our oldest is intended to be short, and for entertainment even though based on facts, if your curious about things such as mars photos, I made a recent thread on reddit that got a lot of attention on it about how the photos of mars are of a distant land on our same earth, which our LORD takes place in.

As with our Oldest known parent, he created a single Earth (Planet).

Freedom to religion and speech is important to note here as my topic on reddit got a lot of enmity.

Have a great night family, I will eventually try to make this short book as a cheerleader offering to our Oldest Known and Unknown Parents.
(Based upon the LORDs Exodus offering, but shifted for more of the ancestors)

EXODUS 30:14
14Everyone twenty years of age or older who crosses over must give a offering to the LORD.

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