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Monk Of The Oldest Log (Fun Talk)

Dear Oldest Parents, and anyone interested in hearing a little fun story.

Recently I have been pranked quite a lot, even involving teasing about me being a monk of the Oldest Parents.

To say something here for our Oldest to bring these family members to hear.

Is that even though I have dedicated myself to being a Monk of the Oldest Parents based upon their original marital plan, structure, and intent.

I have not yet been able to achieve having a direct meeting with our Oldest Parents.

So for this I have something fun to say.

Because I have yet to meet with our Oldest, I have not been told by them whom my “Creator Intended Marital Partner” is.

I know little about it.

The problem here with the constant massive amount of jests people have been giving me, is I noticed a possibility of “What if”, that is the possibility that one of these people teasing me ends up being the numbered family member that our Creator assigns to me as a Creator Intended Marital Partner.

See in our Known all Family, that is the Creators family.

Our Oldest the first family member married their first Creation and that is our 2nd family member.

But as the family increased in numbers, 3 married 4, and 5 married 6, etc.

So I say I am a shy person, but honestly, I hope someone who has teased about me being a monk is resulted to be the sibling numbered with me, and if its not someone who has joked, I at least hope to share the story of this adventure with them.

How do you feel about it Oldest Parents?

It would truly be good if it were someone who ha ha’d me.

Well thats the whole entry to this Monk Of The Oldest Parents Journal Entry, I just kinda noticed it would be fun if it turned to be someone who I was previously a friend with, or even an acquaintance.

Have a good night family, I had fun with tonights earlier raffle.

Monk Of The Oldest Parents romance note:
If I can ever achieve a creator intended marriage, I want to tell my partner, I have forever to tell you about the adventure I had to go through to marry you. Its a bit of a comedy tease, and also a loving hope.

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