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MU Online Raffle (By Donation)

Well we had a good night a few moments ago.

I was playing MU Online trying to earn more things to progress my character and divide into raffle prizes and Webzen the company who owns MU Online was doing a event.

It was a spin the wheel event and I won two “Blessings Of Light” which increase exp gain by 200% for 30 minutes.

These are very sought after by players.

A friend of mine had previously asked me if I find any of these to sell them to her/him.

I mailed them and told them they could have them for free, and by the time we traded they donated 20 Million Zenny for We Love The Oldest Parents Raffles.

So thank you to the player who did that.

We did the raffle like normal I said I would give prizes of 5 Million Zenny to the first 3 players to say “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

Our first winner got 5 M Zenny, the second 10 M Zenny (Because they were a new player = They needed it more than us higher levels), and the third gained 5 M Zenny.

We had a good time, someone from our guild made a joke during the raffle using emojis and family won, which is always worth the effort.

We do these raffles on the Webzen Arcadia server and if you need my character for any help or anything mail him his name is Aluzen.

Click Here To View The MU Online Website

Thanks to everyone who was a part of it, including Webzen for hosting.

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