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The Flat Earth Box Space (Story)

Hi family ❤

If you never peeked at “My Exodus Offering”, a short eBook I wrote as a gift to our LORD, you possibly don’t know its story.

Now as I mentioned recently, I plan to write a 2nd short eBook as an Exodus 30:14 parody for our Oldest Parents, both known and unknown.

While I write of these things, it’s a cheerleader writing, it is our Oldest Known Parent who did the work that I write of.

I will in this post below combine the stories in an explanation of what to expect, so you can see if you want to be a part of gaining from these offerings by reading the books, and maybe even talking about them with family such as the LORD (Possible in our future).

First Part Of The Story (My Exodus Offering)

First what was Nothing, became Something, as it changed.

The Nothing in its process began to tear (tare).

This caused a rip in its space, and it leaked a liquid similar like substance.

It lowered in its Nothing Space, falling into a 2nd tear (tare).

This over much time hardened and then at the center of this solid matter something happened.

It began to dissolve by fire and acid.

Eventually after much time this left a hollowed empty space.

Inside of this hollowed empty space, a life eventually began due to things colliding and mixing together.

Who was it? Our Oldest Known Parent.

Second Part (Our Oldest Parents Offering)

He survived many things in the hollow space, collected what he found, survived, learned and invented.

He eventually salvaged enough materials to create a planet that in English is named Earth.

It was a flat square planet, of which we currently live on (Because he studied his own beginning to life, invented Creational Magic, and Created us Creations).

However, we live on the bottom, as in this space, if things do not fly, they fall, and because the planet is heavier and we are lighter, we stick to the bottom of the planet Earth as it falls.

With earth above us and heaven below us, it does not appear this way in our vision, but it is the truth, even the truth that our LORD himself, actually flies “Upside Down” as we are on the bottom of Earth.

With Earth slowly falling, it is good to know, our Oldest Known Parent created us after making plans on how for us to survive in such a place.

Though it has been fantasized into impression that it is already an invention, teleportation to note, is something our Oldest Known Parent seeks to invent, possibly even capable of finding unknown family.

As with all history, what happens will happen in our future, the past can be a book such as these, but what we will do is yet done, though we will survive it, and even gain in our future from our past.

Thanks to our Oldest Parents.

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