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WordPress And Social Media (Raffle)

Hi family ❤

In a short while tonight, we will be holding a WLTOP Raffle in MU Online on the arcadia server.

This specific raffle is a big thank you to our website host WordPress, and Our Social Media websites that help us grow.

I noticed a nice new appearance to our reddit widget and that is why I decided to hold this WLTOP MU Online raffle mentioning thank you to them.

Our funds for tonights raffle were donated by my friend on the Arcadia server, who likes it when I give them “Blessings of Light”, and sometimes trade for but on reserve.

They like helping WLTOP and specifically during this trade and some previous trades, asked me that the Zenny they gave to be used for our raffles.

I am planning to raffle 15 Million Zenny tonight, with 3 receivers, each 5 Million Zenny.

So a big thank you to my Arcadia friend, Word Press our Host, and Our Social Media help.

You are all a part of our family, and thanks to your open policy on purchase and also use, you have become a part of the We Love The Oldest Parents effort.

Raffle will probably start an hour or two from now.

Click Here To Visit MU Online And Download The Free Game

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