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Our Oldest Protect You (Genesis Vs Revelations)

Tonight I found a desire to bring attention to a WLTOP topic I have mentioned a few times.

In the Bibles Genesis we learned The LORD forbid the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and also the Tree of Life.

If you believe in the ways of for example of America, such as Creation Equality, with Genesis 3:22 where the man is not supposed to eat from the tree of life, you can comprehend, its forbidden to the descendants.

With Genesis we learn a valuable lesson, Adam and Eve being tricked, and the LORD forbidding both trees, how does the bible progress?

We see in Revelations, a book in the bible, which claims to be written by a man who dreamed the contents, that in his dream Jesus offers the tree of life to his loyal friends and family as a reward.

The problem here is that is the same trick that happened in Genesis.

Because of this, the LORD gave us a good helpful note in Genesis to prewarn us of such a future.

So enjoy worshipping the Oldest Parents, and just remember that if the LORD forbids something, it is only for him to unforbid, because we dont want him mad at us as he was in Genesis, he is protecting us in a mysterious way, whatever reasons he has to have done what he did in Genesis with that part of the story is as a Loving Father, and his hints in it, that give safety, warned us of how the trick could happen a second time with the book of Revelations.

Its important to note here, his son Jesus never tried to do such the thing that was written of in Revelations, as the LORD forbid it, instead we find warning that a repeat of the trick in Genesis would happen, by someone claiming to be him that is not.

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