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A Glory To Kane And The Lord (Art + Story)

Hi family. ❤

In the Bible something to notice, is that Adam is the first character displayed in embarrassment (Also Eve), and the reader does not immediately notice it would be God who first had his feelings hurt.

Then it leads more directly into Adam and Eve’s first son suffering embarassment.

The story goes that Able was the first murderer, he murdered a sheep as a sacrifice to our LORD.

Kane his older brother stoned him, because the LORD commanded them never to murder.

In church we find that the common belief was that Kane was the first murderer, however that is from human perspective, the sheep is also a descendant of the LORD, or if you prefer description, Oldest Parent(s).

So, to bring the LORD and Kane some honor and together I present to you a short art tutorial to go along with the WLTOP Kaleidoscope Art tutorial found in our menu.

I Found some art on the internet of Kane as a space cloud art, and then I drew a few different colored lines on it, and sphered, offset, and kaleidoscoped it to merge Kane and the LORD.

Pictures are below click to enlarge.

Click Here For The Video This Art Came From

Next is material art number 2, that is the same picture with the lines I drew on it that eventually merge an art of Kane and the LORD.

Third is the finished result of after I sphered, offset, and kaleidoscoped it.

Our LORD has a slightly larger than our own upper skull, and that is shown in this merge of a Kane art and the LORD art.

Neat huh? As you can see when I spun the Kaleidoscope the part of Kane that appeared as a space cloud, are situated as eyes of the LORD.

Well Kane, well LORD, both of you are always welcome at WLTOP, and we give you love and worship, that though the bible was not completely known in accuracy found in church and teachings, we know Kane was not the first murderer.

To end this post with something fitting, lets pray for Kane.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We at WLTOP present to you this art of two best friends, and family, Kane and the LORD.

As Father and Son, we see fittingly a desire to be similar to each other.

With all the love that could be, and added as what was, we know this family thrives on hope.

So, we ask for your continued guidance, and leadership, we ask for help obeying our Oldest Parents.

We at WLTOP want to tell you Oldest Parents, thank you for the LORD and Kane being a part of our family, even yes, WLTOP.

❤ Have A Great Day Family,
I Am Putting On Pause MU Online Raffles,
Until Either I Get Compensated For Purchase Partially Lost,
Or I Have The Emotional Energy To Continue With Its Loss ❤

Will possibly do raffles in a different game soon while the MU Online ones are on pause.

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