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No, Not, Know (The Difference)

Hi family ❤

I heard and thought of some interesting helpful topic.

Now as I was grown in my life, considering past life, is a religious freedom.

I could say even using instinct or such as the Oldest Parents gave me, I have a teaching to share with you.

That is the differences between the words no, not, and know.

When someone wants to deny being something, in recent English they say “I am not (insert words)”.

The problem here is in Old English, such as our LORD would noble that is a lame style of proper English use.

The proper terms are “I am no (insert words)” such as “I am good, I am no bad”.

Now why is it this way you possibly ask?

That is because of the word Know, including its longer form, Knowledge.

This is one of the most complex words in English and is meant to be, as it sum totals the description of everything intelligent, smart, and learned.

Now in recent times people have been thinking No and Know are pronounced the same, it was never true.

Know is pronounced “Kaw No Waw”.

So, if you are family who wants to ever use descriptive words to deny something, in proper language it is “I am no (Insert Words)”.

Also, to admit something, the words would be “I Know (Kaw No Waw) that” or “I Am I Know (Kaw No Waw).

Not is a word that comes from words of Naw Tuh which is a different word.

Knot is Kaw Naw Tuh.

For the purposes of having proper conversation with our LORD, you would benefit from focusing on the descriptions above about the differences between “No” and “Know”.

For the sake of your future, and including possibility of meeting him, pronouncing these words properly will impress him.

Take note of his Hebrew name below (Jewish) do you see the Waw in his name? It is read right to left the Hebrew Language, Waw looks like I.

(Know = Kaw No Waw, interestingly Waw Is A Part Of The LORDs Name)

One Of The Ranking Shortest Prayers Ever

Dear Oldest Parents,

Help them Know the difference between No Know.

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