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Your Friend And Brother (Author)

Hello family ❤

Today I want to focus on introducing myself to any new members, or even as a cheer to old members.

In this fan club, the majority of us as family here, are descendants of our Oldest Parent, our Creator.

Having the same Father, and possibly, Fathers, makes myself your brother.

Now for me it is exciting to tell you that, because it’s a high quality of friendship.

So, if you ever need someone to talk to about prayers, worship, or religion with, I will be a part of the We Love The Oldest Parents effort and can be your friend.

Feel free to comment on this site, and you can always send me an email at and using the subject in the email WLTOP will help sort it for my finding.

Thanks to our Creator being the parent of both of us, we are siblings.

Because of that, as a part of our club, it is my family position to be helpful to you and friendly, even as we say in America, with fairness or described as equality.

So as a question, do you need any help with prayers, worship, learning, or any kind of good thing today?

If you do, communicate with me about it, and we can have fun together, talking about our Oldest Parents together.

This family should be based upon love, and even fun.

So have a good day and any time you need me, let me know.

Signed Your Brother,

(Birth Name)
David Robert Quigley

(Creation Chosen Name)
Aluzen Nezula

We Love The Oldest Parents (David Robert Quigley) Avatar

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