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Freely Decide My Friend For Yourself (Art)

Hello family ❀

With each person, we believe both uniquely and as a share through communication.

I estimate some people believe we can obtain, learn, and find everything, and some expect that is not available in entirety.

I myself believe that I have a potential that will always grow, and yet at the same time, I will have some limits that I never grow over, such as finding parts of beyond what I have.

To me it is that myself and those I have known will achieve things we currently do not know, yet still with more that I never will.

The old saying that family enjoys secrets, and if we do, so will others.

Valuables and Materials have helped us study that even more, and even so, love and marriage.

I do not know if you my friend and listener agree in the same belief on that, but I do adore the opposite, that everything could become possible to us.

As I have expressed in times “Anything is possible”, however I never exactly meant for that to mean for myself.

I do know I will have a great eternal future, and during it, constantly improve.

A happiness I find with this, is the “Super Hero” belief.

That whoever I can never directly be friends with in any unknown, is possibly as a guardian to our known family.

So, cheers to them and to us that find this, I present to you this art, it already got favorited on Deviant Art πŸ™‚

What I do know is my excitement that is tied, to our club of “We Love The Oldest Parents” is the possibility that we are cheering on anyone we never find, and it gives them love, possibly a strengthening to their choices, maybe if they hear us and or see us, involved in WLTOP, we will have a distant supporter.

With the words We Love The Oldest Parents, we worship our ancestors, if some of them we do not find, they still are included in our club.

Truly a miracle, we have available to us.

❀ Cheers Oldest Known Parent,
We Cheer On Your Inventions,
Teleportation Could Be Done By Unknown Yes?,
Descendants Believe You Have It In Your Potential,
Our “Belief” Clock Says You Invent It In The Future πŸ™‚ ❀

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