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Want To Be A WLTOP Blog Author? (Always Welcome)

Dear Family ❤

Do you like WLTOP and the Blog?

Do you feel enough confidence that you want to be a writer of our Blog posts and suggest ideas with each other?

Well currently I am the single author in our club, but if now or in the future, you want to write posts with me, give a comment or an email, our email is and our comments section is below posts and pages.

What would happen is we would create you a wordpress account on our site, give you writing permissions on the account and then you could add your prayers, worship, love, and family quality support.

If you consider it would be fun but dont currently feel ready to, in the future, I will try and occasionally mention this again to encourage you to be a part of WLTOP as an author if you want to be.

Theres no real major rules with this, mostly that we accept any good quality love, and we have a few limits on budget that means we can post art and similar such, but because of storage limits, we keep low the amount of files per post.

Other than that it is rather mellow.

Have a great day family, love you lots, and so do the Oldest Parents.

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