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The LORDs Oldest Name (Spoiler Mature)

Now knowing our LORD, we love him as a best friend.

We love him as a father, and he is everyone’s favorite role model.

I have a story to tell you, consider it the truth or not is your choice.

However, I have it to entertain you.

Freedom To Religion
Freedom To Speech
This is not a hateful story, though it does seem so

Our LORD began in the hollowed space of a still dissolving spaces linings (walls).

After having built Earth, he placed belongings on the bottom of flat earth, because in space what does not fly falls, the planet heavier, the things under it fell slower, causing them to attach to the planet.

The LORD eventually created a son, they loved each other very much and decided to further increase the family.

Their first son was whom later was adopted by Joseph and Mary, the boy who was named at that birth Jesus (Seperate in many languages);

Now the family grew further, and with it were certain laws.

Some of them were do not murder, do not fornicate, and do not steal.

Unfortunately for the sake of the happy family, disobedience happened, and it got so bad that some of them began to do things such as eat meat, which was highly forbidden and a part of murder.

The 3rd family member and first son of the 2 oldest known parents, tried to teach them and help them be obedient.

Unfortunately, they never accepted him as a father.

Law breaking after law breaking, those descendants of the boy refused to listen, and eventually after enough sin, something tragic happened.

Now before I tell you directly that, lets notice something.

The family was human in nature at that time.

You may have been curious why the bible begins with animals being older than Adam and Eve.

Unfortunately, that bible story began much later in the future.

Earlier than the story of Adam and Eve was the story of the family we spoke of who became disobedient.

Because of their refusal to be obedient to important laws, their continuing of eating meat, those descendants of the boy, are who began in the bibles story before Adam and Eve.

The animals in the bible were literally as the bible describes, ancestors of the bibles. humans.

The humans who refused the LORDs commands who were once humans, no longer were.

Now fast forward this story, The 3rd family member, after fornication happened in his marriage, became adopted by his own descendants.

Such as Joseph and Mary.

He went on still trying to help his descendants; however, they still did not accept him as their father, and he was crucified.

Though he never died, as no one ever truly does, he still aids the family.

Now the other part to this story you may want to know (Kaw No Waw) is that the Oldest Name for our LORD is partially a secret, because he does not openly tell people it, instead lets them find. it.

In ancient religion, our LORD was called “Agni” which was the name for fire before it became known as fire.

You will not find record of the name “Agni” in the current bible, however there is a verse of
Deuteronomy 4:24
For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.

Now as I said you can choose to believe such a story or not.

But a story is a story, and a good deed is a good deed, how truthful they are or accurate they are, well how would we ever measure such a thing?

Enjoy your day and I hope you have a good time with us at We Love The Oldest Parents.

Noticing the other verse in the bible that the LORD does not change, means his laws do not change, visit our Ancestral Laws page in our menu for your help.

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