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The Parents Of Jesus (Story + Art)

Hi family ❤

What comes with We Love The Oldest Parents is words used to worship more often than names.

Now before you read this post, I am giving you a disclaimer to ask your parents permission, and included in this notice is freedom to speech and freedom to religion.

What we find in the bible is the story of our LORD, who had family earlier than Adam and Eve.

However while listing some of them, it does not directly tell us his marital partners name.

So by WLTOP style words I offer you a gay pride bible art.

Why gay pride?

Considering finding in religion stories of how women began as men, and family loreing upon me to be truthful, I offer this art, as help to you, even your feelings.

This is not intended to offend anyone, so please enjoy it, and if you do not, feel free to return to WLTOP for other topics you enjoy.

Here is the art.

Just who is that Older Brother?

The marital partner of our LORD and also the 2nd father of Jesus before he became adopted by family such as Joseph and Mary.

Whether you believe this or not, I do not know, but estimate some do.

With this art, if it receives good attention such as comments or likes, I will possibly have the courage to further this style of worship for us.

Have a good night family.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You, Always Have Always Will ❤

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