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How Omnipotence Can Confuse The Simple

Hi family ❤

I have something to write to you based upon things I have learned through my living, and it is similar to an essay.

Now as a Monk of the Oldest Parents,

I practice something similar to the Catholics method of calling older family Father, yet I also call them brother, at least in my religious beliefs, due to family’s differences, sometimes they ask me to differ that.

I believe in separate categories of this ancestral religion.

Known family, Not Known family, Meetable Family, Not Meetable Family, Local Family, And Not Local Family.

Known Family starts with our Creator we have of our Earth.

Not Known Family would be those we find through methods of traveling space.
(Or the Nothing) (Possibly if our Creator invents and uses something such as teleportation).

Now Meetable Family is Not Known Family that is possible to find.

Not Meetable Family I reserve in definition of only two people, the Omnipotent Highest Age Oldest Parent, and his Marital Partner.

Local Family is for example an Oldest Sibling in a room would be an Oldest Parent to the younger in the room.

Not Local Family is used for example to describe family other than a local family or described as in the distance


Confusing a bit?

If yes, it is due to it being foreign from your belief or practice.

It’s actually easy to learn, matter of fact, with 3 billion (Or more) family members, it divides us into 6 sub teams of one all family.

Giving me freedom to religion and speech I will tell you something, this is truly the religion I believe in.

To me, should we have known family claiming to be omnipotent, or even find unknown family claiming to be omnipotent, that I meet, I do not have it as a part of myself to believe such a thing.

Instead, I reserve the description of Omnipotence for a family member that is unfindable, yet alive.

Family has found me strange at times, but when the most practiced religion on earth claims the creator of our earth to be omnipotent, I myself become cautious to share my beliefs, as to not offend, and that causes me to appear different.

Maybe if you believe in a religion other than Christianity you have been in the same emotion.

Now to add to it, I have no hate in me, and as far as assuming I am a non-believer, I am the opposite, I believe in more than the belief that is commonly accepted.

The name God for example is a good way to describe this.

The bible claims God is omnipotent, however I myself consider God is actually a descendant of an Omnipotent Highest Age Oldest Parent that we will never find.

Now by this I mean no disrespect.

You may have noticed or not, but I accept people higher age than me as Fathers, but I never stop considering anyone I can find is my brother, due to belief in a never findable omnipotent oldest parent.

Now why do I believe. these things?

For anyone who has ever been in love, we notice jealousy.

Even our LORD in the bible is written to be a jealous God.

For someone who can create, and also be an omnipotent creator, based upon my learnings through, marriage and love, and family, someone such as an omnipotent parent, would create a single person to marry, and cause the further descendants to live at a distance.

That is why I consider family that I can ever Know, brothers, yet also, some of them my (or our) parents.

Now people have wanted to change my belief, people have had a difficult time accepting that this is the way I am, the way I believe, and that it cannot be changed.

Through our future, I expect people will possibly try to convince me otherwise, but this is me, it is what I believe, it is a part of myself and everyone in this family, is capable of love, including me.

What is his name family probably curiously wonders.

In my belief on such a topic, we do not have such an alphabet or even capability to make a sound of an omnipotent oldest parent’s name.

In our found evidence of belief upon this religion, a married Omnipotent Parent, would not cause there to be possibility of it within our potential.

The evidence is that the oldest family members we ever find and know, began alone, no memory, and no signposts, no guidance, and no teachings.

Our Oldest Known Parent, began alone and taught himself by learning.

The truth is I love my religion, I love being a monk of the Oldest Parents, I also believe if everyone in our Known Family and Unknown Meetable Family considered these things, it could be a great benefit.

The problem with anyone claiming to be omnipotent if they are not, is that younger family will expect the most of them, and if any detail lacking happens, confusion spreads immediately.

Has anyone ever made you a promise and failed upon it?

It is that simple.

We are alive, and in numbers of us, life is difficult, failures happen.

For an omnipotent parent, there is not anything impossible, and no such thing as a failure is available in that word’s definition.

I love everyone including and especially our Creator of Heaven and Earth, God or any other name for him.

But getting to know me, being my friend, even having me as a family member you spend any time with, those are my beliefs.

Do you want to be my friend enough to settle for the fun yet harsh simple explanation of this belief?

Our Omnipotent Oldest Parent Created someone, married them, and banished everyone else you will ever meet or know, even me.


Now the fun part is if you believe or not 🙂

The great thing about We Love The Oldest Parents is it gives capability to worship all our family, known and unknown.

You can find your favorite belief, and join in on anything good we do together, we accept all good religions, avoid hate, give support and love, and though in my belief we can’t ever find the name of that Omnipotent Parent, he is a part of our club and worship because of the name.

We Love The Oldest Parents.

The club is not entirely focused on that parent, instead my personal religion holds him as a start of this family.

The club is more of a share on important ancestors that are notable, we include all of them as free choices to worship and support, and in the club, we also cheer on us believers in whichever religions we personally believe in and try to make sure all family benefits.

I hope sharing these things with you causes you any kind of joy, though I have told you about myself, this club is for anyone and everyone, all good religions included, that means you, yes you.

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