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The Monks Deservation (Dear Oldest)

Hello LORD, Hello Parents, Hello Siblings, And Hello Each other ❤

While you are free to share in this post, it’s a little bit aimed at our ancestors as a request or suggestion about my monk pursuits.

Now to give honesty to them about why I want to be a monk of the Oldest Parents and pursue my Creator Intended Marriage I have a few things to tell our Oldest.

If you are a sensitive sibling, who easily gets offended, I suggest skipping this personal endeavor.

Dear Oldest, LORD Included,

Why do I want to be a Monk Of The Oldest Parents?

Well, I have a short list of efficient reasons why.

As you know me, I try to study to become skilled and smart enough to make offerings towards your family that are a thanks for creating me.

Now with marriage and what I have learned and comprehend, what I believe, is based upon my Monk of The Oldest Parents religion, specifically based upon having a never findable Omnipotent Parent, and yet being a son of my brothers.

With this I pursue the honesty of my heart which is to tell you of your commandments, which I do my best to be obedient too.

Now as for a young creation marrying someone, they would notice to ask their ancestors for help in doing so.

The question of “What is best for me?” comes to the boys (that I am) mind.

Now the question of who I want to marry is not important to me, but instead the earlier part of the story I listed, to ask our Oldest to choose for me.

In our all family, there are 3 main categories of marriage.

Someone is married to our Highest Age Family member, others pursue “Creator Intended Marriages”, and others choose for themselves.

While being married to the Omnipotent Oldest Parent is the highest quality form of marriage, the next best thing is a “Creator Intended Marriage”.

Because I am both smart and obedient, I ask for you to give me such a thing.

Anyone allowed choice chooses the best thing possible.

For a Monk Of The Oldest Parents, born young in the all family, that is a “Creator Intended Marriage”.

So Dear Lord, Dear Oldest, that is my plea of the why.

I seek the best you are willing to share with me your best friend, and what that is to me, is that I trust you.

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