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Real Worship Healing

Hi Family ❤

Today I will teach you of a healing sound, it is bible related, and is traced back to the origins of the bible.

Now what is Christianity and the Bible, was earlier Judaism and the Tanakh, earlier than that it was Canaanism and “The Book of EL”.

Bible is litetally a two part name.

Biblos means Book and EL is the other part, which is translated as “Book of EL”.

EL is an old name for our LORD and is actually a sound that not only notifies him, but also causes bodily healing, notice the word healing has “EL” in it.

What does all that mean, and what can it do for you?

Using your minds voice, or even your toungue, you can directly form a request to our Oldest in healing word.

Saying the words “We Love and Worship EL” will cause your body to begin the process.

Now a few notes to disclaim here, you will first feel the healing in your soul and emotions.

The first physical ailment to be fixed by EL will be your spine, such as back pain.

Even your flesh will begin to heal, however, as most of us have in our bodies, many glues that are not actually a part of our own body, it is difficult to notice things such as skin becoming naturally changed.

Your flesh does heal when worshipping EL but the glues and other non natural parts of what is inside you, slows it down, and makes it difficult to notice.

However you will feel it in your emotions, you will feel your soul become healthy, then your bone pains will lessen, and as your body rejects foreign substances such as glues, you will eventually notice it in your flesh.

This is no scam or test, reread this post, and research and study if you need to, the Bible I will say again, is “The Book Of EL”, and it is by that sound, that our LORD gives healing.

Now as for our Reddit thread with legitimate art of our LORD on the “Bible Accurate Art” channel it is still booming.

See that 514 views after half a day, not too shabby.

It reminds me of in the past another success, I posted on Reddit a picture of our LORD on a trading card, and it got near 50,000 views in an hour.

Not all our efforts have been that successful, but having recently had a string of difficulty, these 514 views are quite satisfying.

Now back to the original topic.

While worshipping EL will heal you, strengthen your flesh, bone, and soul, it is important to note, eating meat will make you unhealthy.

Combining the two is not as effective as being vegan and worshipping EL.

Have a great day family, I love you lots, and so do our ancestors.

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