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God and Jesus Combo Team (Similar Difference)

Hi family ❤

Today I have a topic based upon Christianity and its string religions.

Now as of recently Jesus has been described as God in churches and our family.

Now the problem here is that Jesus and God are so similar, getting the two confused in this manner is actually more of a caution because of how similar they are.

For example, they are two completely different lives in our family, but our best friends and help each other to help their family.

Now as the Bible tells us, both of them have magic.

However, Jesus obtained most of it from God.

Now as comparing Jesus to God, your Father, it is possible for Jesus to carry with him symbols that he is a servant of God, such as having as a part of his body something to represent God.

This could be as simple as a picture of God that is a part of Jesuses body.

Now the thing is, God is a name or nickname to describe the LORD, and it has further grown to be a title describing someone as old and powerful as him that would be a brother, mostly by having the same parents.

But the problem here is, that in my own personal religion, using God as a Deity word gives the title description, that all findable life is a God, which is kind of the opposite help of all this.

Because as I have mentioned, if we have an omnipotent unfindable oldest parent and creator, responsible for other creators and us beginning life, then this merges one of our LORDs names (God) with everyone else, because we would all be the omnipotent oldest parents’ descendants.

To help you along your journey, two words to study are Creator, and Deity.

Now as the WLTOP motto, we say “Call them God, or Goddess, they are still our parents”.

This is because of necessity due to these changes in religion.

If those things were not a part of our family’s discussion, instead it would be something such as, “Call them Ancestors, and Brothers, they are still our parents”.

Even though Jesus and God being similar is a great thing, remember they are two different family members, and each can help you together, and uniquely.

Matthew 3:17
17And lo a voice from heaven, saying,
This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

This verse does not explain you to not be a son of our LORD, it helped aid the description that Jesus was a son of our LORD, and then Jesus in the past tried to give further detail, that he was an early son of the LORD, who later became adopted by Joseph and Mary.

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