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Notice Because Of Dishonor

Hello Family, I have a notice to post, about freedom, honor, and yes, our Oldest Parents.

Now it came to my attention of people insulting me in public and saying I am not a monk of the Oldest Parents.

While they are my family, our Oldest Parents asked me to again give them notice, in equal public display.

So if this does not pertain to you, no worries meant.

But for the people who dishonored myself as a Monk of the Oldest Parents, I must unfortunately state sternly that, yes, quite surely I am, and have been for many years.

So here is the public disclaimer, in notice form, it was also shared to my 4000 facebook friends and my other twitter friends.

When I became a Monk Of The Oldest Parents, many years ago

I did not ask my many siblings for permission

I instead asked the Oldest Parents themselves

Now much later in the story my many siblings in some amounts told me things such as that I am not a Monk of The Oldest Parents, even broadening that dishonor amongst each other

The Oldest Parents told me to give them notice

Our Oldest Parents, do not ask you for permission

For me to be their Monk.

Freedom to speech, freedom to religion

I don’t enjoy hurting feelings; however this must be done to protect my own honor, and even that I carry with me, the honor shared with our ancestors, our Oldest Parents.

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