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Learning The Word Education From Gode

Hi Family, short cross post from a Deviant Art entry.

God more accurately was in Hebrew Yodh He Waw He and it becomes GODE in English if translated properly.

Another part of explanation to religion, language, and name history.

In the past, each family member had a single written name, and was called in sound by usually one.

However, the written name could be read many different ways.

For example, the Name Gode becomes also Edog as it is read from right to left instead of left to right.

This gave people a broader identity and a wealth of content to themself, and each other.

Expecting our Creator has other ways to express names and words instead of a horizontal shift, is accurately legitimate.

Such as the possibility of a written word or name being pronounced from top to bottom or bottom to top, our LORD can do it.

When our Oldest invented language and names, it is noticeable Gode was a earlier sound than others, this became Edog, which later caused the word EDUC-ation to be invented.

A Update to the WLTOP App goes live in about 4 hours maybe shortly later, It seems possible the app design tool I used updates inside the app, without the need to update it from a source such as google play or even a new apk install.

With this update is more LORD art in its window, a few typos fixed, I think the music I placed in it will now play in the background properly, and the menus buttons are organized in a more efficient and pleasant sorting.

If the app doesn’t update within itself, I will add a new apk file to our menu page where the other WLTOP App content is.

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