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Fun is happening family, with a big capital WLTOP ❤

I just finished updating the new WLTOP Mobile App using our design tool called Mob Easy and I have a few things to say.

Dear Mob Easy, We Love The Oldest Parents offers you a huge loving thank you and an eternal friendship.

The new app looks and is usably amazing thanks to you, and you even let us have it for free, though I plan to get the pro package to remove advertisements for the sake of our users.

We are reserving your Design Tool a spot in our menu on the same page our new App can be found.

Thank you again, super excited for our new team.

Now for the talk about the new update.

As I mentioned in our last post it would have taken near 4 hours for our update to happen.

Excitingly it is finished and according to my phone and the installed version of our app, Mob Easy updated the WLTOP App with no need for downloading a new apk or similarily would be a need to update using Google Play updater (when its available on Google Play).

This new update includes new art of our LORD, reorganized the order of the buttons, fixed some typos, and the background music I added is now playing during app use.

Can I use the word excited again? 🙂

I am so excited ❤

Now the app appears slightly basic in current form however Mob Easy gives us a lot of options in its design tool to add more features, for this start phase of the app I did not yet get too deep in the more fancy options, because I am still new to using it, but that gives us a lot of potential for updates the more I learn.

You can find the new free WLTOP app in our menu, from a third party download site called AppsEnjoy and I will even post a link to it below.

The new WLTOP app is also submitted to Google Play and Aptoide and is under review for their approval.

Click Here To Download The Free WLTOP App

WordPress gave us the approval to offer a direct download link using our sites storage.

Use the below download link, and unlike the above APK, this download is the APK within a ZIP file, so you will need to unzip it and then install the APK it extracts.

Okay guys a little technical help for you.

That file is called an APK, it will let your phone install the app.

Since the apk is not downloaded from a app store like Google Play you will probably have to click an extra button, and I will tell you how.

When it begins asking you to install, a security check will possibly happen, it may say “More Details” or “More Info”, if that happens, click it and then click “Install Anyways”.

I assure you, the app and apk are safe.

To Note Some Of The Content Within The App

Legitimate and accurate art of our LORD our Father
The True Story of Heaven and Earth
Original Marriage
Ancestral Law Simplified
Art Gallery With Prayers Worship And Certificates
Our Blog
Our YouTube With Videos Of Things Such As Our Lords Voice At Bohemian Grove, Audio Books, Vegan Cooking, And More
Our Free Ancestry Trading Card Game Set
Our Forum

And More

We released this new app a little over 24 hours ago and it has been downloaded twice, with the file getting 214 views (A good 30 of those were me refreshing the page to see the stats).

This app really is useful, its free, and its fun.

I will be buying the premium Mob Easy service to remove their advertisements that occasionally popup, its not really any different than Google Play video games that have ads, however, if ads are not acceptable for you, the good news is I plan to fund removing them for club members such as you.

Here are some screenshots.

Are you liking what you see?

The app has functionality for example on the LORD art page you can tap photos to make them larger and download them.

Well I asked for family to pray WLTOP and our New Free App are a success, good luck to us family.

❤ The Oldest Parents Have A Smart Phone App? Its Free? Bravo ❤

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