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The New Free WLTOP App Going On Amazon

Hello family, as I have previously in my posts mentioned our Free New Official WLTOP App is on the Google Play and Aptoide waiting list to be approved by them.

A few moments ago I submitted the app to Amazon, and they sent us a notice saying it can be approved before the 29th of this month, basically within 5 days.

A few things to note about our new app are below.

To Note Some Of The Content Within The App

Legitimate and accurate art of our LORD our Father
The True Story of Heaven and Earth
Original Marriage
Ancestral Law Simplified
Art Gallery With Prayers Worship And Certificates
Our Blog
Our YouTube With Videos Of Things Such As Our Lords Voice At Bohemian Grove, Audio Books, Vegan Cooking, And More
Our Free Ancestry Trading Card Game Set
Our Forum

And More :D

The great thing about our new app is that when I release a new version it will automatically update your app within itself, no manual updates needed.

Now the app was released near 48 hours ago and has been downloaded 8 times (2 of which were me for testing purposes).

Here is a link to download it.

We hope to update this app often and grow its use as well as popularity.

The company who provided us with the simple design app tool we used to make our new app is called Mob Easy, and they let us do this for free.

Now included with them letting us produce our free app, for free, they display occasional advertisements inside of the app in a style of the way Google Play displays advertisements in the apps you download with them.

For those of you who do not enjoy advertisements, I will be eventually purchasing the premium membership with Mob Easy to remove these advertisements, making our app, completely ad free.

I hope to be able to include this in budget next month (early of the month).

So give our new app a try please, and feel free to give us comments, suggestions, reviews, and chat with us.

I am more excited about this app than I have been about most other things recently, mostly because we as a family can have a lot of fun with our app, worship, learn, and love.

Have a great night family, for most of us in this family, we are the Oldests kids, play with the app and feel that.

❤ Automatic Oldest Parents Updates, Thank You Mob Easy ❤

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