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We Are Now On Google Play (Approved+Prayer)


Google Play Approved the App and it is now on their store 🙂

Here is a link below.

Click Here To Find The WLTOP Free App On Google Play

This is the nicest thing that has happened to me in 3 years.

Thank you Google, dearly, lovingly, thank you.

Well as a token of this honor, that I appreciate, I am going to offer a prayer for, guess who, people other than me.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Amongst the losses I have suffered, the embarrassments, the tragedies, and the damage of my hopes…

I have noticed that I am at risk of being a grump and a complainer.

The problem I have with that, is I love your family, everyone in it.

Constantly being tempted into frustration and enmity, I find I need to do something about it with this prayer, and I am doing it, because Googles approval, gives me enough of a loved feeling that I have a little strength to ask this of you.

Now my family is everything to me, your family even.

Unfortunately, as we fall apart due to sin, I have lost a child, and others are no longer mine.

Aside from that, losing the relationships I have had which ended in heart break, so very painfully.

I found We Love The Oldest Parents to be the last emotion I have.

Recently I needed something to give me the strength to want to live, WLTOP has offered that, and so has tonights success.

So because of this our Oldest Parents I ask something most important of you.

Do not grant my complaints, do not avoid any love to those who deserve it even if we conflict, and know that I love everyone in this family, though I fear corruption in myself to be hateful in moments, I ask you to not bend to it, in my past I was angry because of it, but with WLTOP, this is my next chance, to abandon anger, and to give to your descendants, love they deserve,

In my weak moments, during my recovery into kindness, lean to the choice upon them, give them attention.

As I was angry of it, I tell you Oldest, I don’t want to be, I want you to love the people I should not have been angry with.

You Oldest deserve this peace upon your rule, I don’t know how much we all together can mend such a family peace in total, but we should.


Okay that is the prayer family, during my past I gave a lot of love, but also was not as loving as I wanted to be, I mean that I lost tolerance to difficulty.

Constantly caring for our family, and noticing them in things such as pain, it defeated me.

In the last 3 years with WLTOP growing and sharing love, thanks to you guys, I feel like a good person again.

Ehem, my apologies go to any of my friends who wanted better.

So with this, please continue to enjoy WLTOP and my friendship, getting approved by Google Play is so exciting I think I will have to drink another cup of coffee to enjoy it and get a few things done.

By the way, my mental health help is amazing, I feel like friends and family with them, keeping them included in prayers feels good.

If I got any advice for those of you who are my brothers, never be afraid to tell yourself you are the best, and possibly avoid forcing it on anyone else, and why, because we love them, as we are all one family.

Words of wisdom?

Haa I sure hope.

Have a good night family, enjoy our new app, I will possibly post something else tonight or after I nap, less emotionally down I expect.

❤ The Oldest Parents Helped Me Emotionally Recover, And So Did You ❤

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