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Flat Earth Story Enters Our Menu

Hello family ❤

As in the past I gave stories here, of what I believe is the true story of heaven and earth, I have now added that story to our menu.

Not only does it have ancestral art, but I decided to embed our video of our Father our LORD visiting Bohemian Grove, as an example.

Want to view it? Click Below Link.

Click Here For The New Flat Earth Page

Now as for our app, we are communicating in between Amazon to get it released, we had some difficulty with our APK on one of their devices, so now we are trying a AAB, these are mobile app installer files types.

I expect the AAB can fix the problem and if not, I will continue to try and find a way to get it approved.

The good news is we are on Google Play and already got our first review, though we are waiting for their store to update and show the review, which will probably happen soon.

Click Here To Download The New Free WLTOP App

Thats the post for now guys, I am trying to invite some of my old friends to the club and hope soon that we can gain some comments or similar things from my childhood loved ones.

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