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The Oldest Way For The LORD To Heal You

Hi Loved Ones ❤

Okay so this is a repost of our how to legitimately gain real healing from the LORD, with not scams, and based upon evidence I will give you.

Read these words We Love And Worship EL

The sound EL causes healing and it is the old name for our LORD.

The Bible earlier was the Tanakh and earlier than that is was The Book of EL.

Christianity was Judaism, and earlier than that it was Canaanism.

The word healing was actually invented after the name El as you can notice the two have each other.

Now as for how to practice this healing, you can say it in your thoughts as chant or singing.

Our Creator hears even our thoughts and because of that, the healing will happen even using thoughts.

In the original Book of EL was teaching upon how to perform healings and one of the styles of how to do it was this, including the old name for the LORD which is EL along with worship words.

The first notice of healing you will feel is in the spine, that is because it is the largest part of your body and is connected to your center and also there is your soul.

Now because of the things we eat, along with also things injected into us, we have many glues that are not actually a part of our body that are still inside our body, this causes this style of healing to not be quickly noticeable upon skin.

But if you use the words “We Love and Worship EL” as a chant in your thoughts as a religious practice, even your skin will eventually heal and as a part of that, your body will reject things that are not a part of it such as toxins, ailments, and even glues.

Basically by sweating them out or excreting them through pores.

Now to find an original “Book of EL” and have it for things such as showing you the old instructions in it and such is not easy, the religion was popular in Canaan and I have yet to be able to find a decent unedited copy of the Book of EL recently, though I know our LORD in his wealth has some.

In other important WLTOP topics, our new free official app was approved to the Aptoide store and is being virus scanned, when that is completed you will be able to find it on the Aptoide mobile app, and website, using the search function.

Amazon is still in the process of seeing if our AAB files will fix the error they had.

❤ Have a good night family, The Oldest Love You ❤

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