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Our App And Amazon (A Star?)

Well unfortunately, the Mob Easy design tool that I used to build our app, does not have compatibility with the Amazon phone they tested the app with, that means until we get an update from Mob Easy that fixes the problem, and that’s an if, our app will not be on the Amazon store.

No worries though, we are on Google Play, Aptoide, and hopefully MonkApk will have us.

Now to mention something spooky about our club.

I was in chat with a friend on Facebook and a man threatened to crucify Jesus again if he comes back.

Now him and a few other people have been tossing things such as that at me and I am aware of their threats seeming vague, but I have talked with the LORD about it, and he agrees to handle the situation.

I don’t like being threatened vaguely, I have mentioned here a few times I met with the LORD as a child, and if I need to summon him to meet with me again I will, if that does not happen, he is summoning me to him later.

Believable or not that’s what happening.

Welcome to the family of such a exciting life we live, that even in America the land of the free, people are still at enmity and to be honest I am pretty angry about that guy and his other supporters.

The LORD actually had a recording of the last time I met with him, he showed it to some family that lives in the land he commons, and I made suggestion he give it to Bohemian Grove.

I am curious if he will.

All I know is I love this family, and myself and the LORD won’t tolerate people threatening to crucify Jesus.

If they don’t believe me until a star explodes on them, maybe you fans will get a cool music video of it later, no jest, I would make one in that situation.

They think it’s cool to be on their hatred team, it is way more a boast to be on our team of power and love.

Enjoy the club, the art, the content, and know the Oldest Parents Love You.

❤ Who Woulda Thought,
I Would Be Capable Of This,
And A Monk Of The Oldest Parents,
Are The Two Connected?
Me And The LORD Are ❤

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