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Short Getting To Know Me (More)

Hi family ❤

Now for my appearance’s sake, and my relationship with the LORD, some do not recognize that I am a rounded 1% his age, technically actually lower than a full 1%.

Now I wont be rude, and I will still tell you a few interesting things.

When I was a small child, I met with the LORD in the privacy of night in a forest.

Now to shorten the story, he saved my life (As a Father does), and he said something very short to me, that left me with something unsaid to tell him here.

He said with sadness “Go home”, and unfortunately for my own emotions, all I could muster was the words “Okay”.

The truth is, every part of me wanted to cry out to him that all I wanted to do at that moment was go home with him.

Our new Free WLTOP App is available for your enjoyment, some other topics are our new True Story of Heaven and Earth, The Healing By Worshipping EL (LORDs Old Name) page, and to know me more the original marriage page, which will explain to you what I am as a Monk of The Oldest Parents.

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