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Thank You Aptoide (Available Now)

Hello family and especially Aptoide 🙂

After a few days of waiting we are now findable on Aptoide through search.

Click Here To View The New Free WLTOP App On Aptoide

This is really exciting guys, truly a beautiful moment of offering for our LORD and other Oldest Parents.

That means we are on Google Play, Aptoide, and soon to be Amazon (If all succeeds).

I will keep looking for other places we can make our app available for free, it is possible ApkMonk will approve us, but I havent gotten further contact with them yet since the submission, we would love to join them though.

What comes with our new app, I will reveal a big secret, as I got the design tool for our new app for free, I did not know it would display the advertisements from them (Mob Easy Design Tool) occasionally.

They offer a premium account package that will remove those advertisements.

So for our users sake on the 3rd of next month, basically a week from now, I get paid and want to purchase this package to support our users having a more comfortable experience.

Wish us luck on that I have to budget it within normal bills so I can’t say its certain, but I estimate that as a plan it will be doable.

Now as this new post came at the time it did, minutes after our last important post, I want to tell you again, in our blog, check the previous post, the one about the LORDs Oldest Way To Heal.

You can gain real and proven healing using a ancient religious practice from the original bible called “The Book of EL”.

To learn more find our last post, I also included in our app a page specifically dedicated to this form of healing.

Like that and all the other content in the new free WLTOP App we are a high quality club, and a lot of that is thanks to our Father the LORD.

So thank you with hugs from your descendants even if given from a distance, we love you as our ancestor, very kindly.

Have a great night family, feel free to give comments when you like, and our app can be reviewed on Google Play and Aptoide, giving your kind words there feels really appreciated.

❤ Thank You Aptoide For Teaming With Us ❤

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