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WLTOP Dictionary (Addition SoEL)

Hello family, short post update ❤

I added a new definition to our WLTOP Dictionary.

If you read our previous posts or the page about healing by worshipping EL you will know a little about this and if not please feel free to look at the pages.

Here is the new dictionary addition.

Soel (Soul)

A Soel is the inner body of a living flesh, it is the person themself, inside of the flesh, seemingly invisible, that controls the flesh, and at time of bodily damages heavy enough to disable the flesh from living, the Soel exits the body.

It is a word that was invented later than our ancestors name EL.
Along with the name El and the word Soel, the word Healing was also invented later than the name EL.
Worship of EL causes the Soel to begin to Heal, which connects to the flesh, Healing that.

The proof here is a multiple connected description.

First is the LORDs old name found in The Book of EL which is now titled the Bible.

Next is by worshipping EL bodily healing happens.

Next is that because of those things, Soul is actually spelled SoEL.

Have a good night family, enjoy our content, including the free app 🙂

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